Cameras & lighting

  • Nikon 35mm format cameras with many lenses, digital backs, remote control for strobes and shutter triggering.
  • Hasselblad large format digital cameras and backs yielding the maximum quality and resolution.
  • Full range of Norman strobes and softboxes.
  • Remote control for strobes and cameras.


image Processing & retouching

  • Macintosh workstations with high resolution, calibrated monitors.
  • Epson color proofing.
  • Expert retouchers on staff for image processing needs.

Props, Styling & support

  • Large studio space with dressing room, kitchen, styling areas.
  • Huge collection of props and backgrounds.
  • On-call food, clothing, hair and make-up stylists with industry experience.
  • Idyllic location in the mountains of Pennsylvania for taking brainstorming and creative breaks.